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Welcome to the home page of Barbara Moorby 

Yoga is for everyone and for every body: I have taught yoga to babies and 90 years olds, in general and specialist classes.

Yoga is a lifelong commitment: I have been teaching yoga since 1995, but continue to learn everyday. My classes are informed by my study with the late Yogacharya Dr M.V. Bhole and his senior students, and by my interest in Yoga as a tool for personal transformation.

I hold the British Wheel of Yoga teaching diploma and their Pregnancy, Yoga for Children, Pranayama and Philosophy modules. In addition I hold the Birthlight Baby Yoga diploma, the Yoga For Health Remedial certificate and a Diploma in teaching Yoga in the Kashmir style.

To find out more, click this Contact Me link. I also offer OI coaching online, visit my Easeful Growth website for further details.